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Douglas A-26 "Invader"
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OCTOBER 2002 A-26 Project

Phase 1

A-26B as of 10-20-02 with engine cowlings on.

Phase 2

Main landing gear assembly

Phase 3

Cockpit close to completion.

Phase 4

Emergency Brake Selector valve replaced with help from our Canadian friend Darcy. Thanks

Phase 5

Left and Right Ailerons Assemblies
installed with gap seals.

Phase 6

Thanks to Bruce Cook for the final paint finish.

Phase 7

Top view of A-26B
(Notice Branson's in the cockpit).

Phase 8

View of gun turret and tail

Phase 9

Top view of cockpit and nose

Phase 10

Left engine with cowling installed

Phase 11

Veridical stabilizer awaiting rudder installation

Phase 12

Nose gear landing door ready to install
The Squadron has restored this A26 medium Bomber to flying status
and it is now housed in a museum in New York.
Douglas A-26 "Invader" Birthday Photos

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